Cleaning cloth is more common
1. Multi-purpose cleaning cloth: It is more common to use cleaning cloth. It has various sizes, with and without fingers, can be used in various places in the home; 2, special cleaning cloth: special The cleaning cloth is a kind of cleaning cloth which is thick and soft and comfortable to use. It is suitable for cleaning oily appliances such as ventilation fans. 3. Kitchen cleaning cloth: It is specially used for kitchen cleaning, which can effectively remove bacteria; 4, micro sponge cleaning cloth: made of rag and mesh surface, it is absorbent and wearable, and it has a wide range of uses. 1, dry cleaning cloth to wipe. For dust, water stains, etc., just wipe with a dry cleaning cloth. When you encounter a hard-to-scratch stain, you can spray some… more
  Cleaning cloth is a good helper in our furniture life.
The cleaning cloth is made of ultrafine synthetic fibers whose raw materials are one percent fine. The cleaning cloth can remove dust, mold, bacteria, oil, watermarks and soot. The cleaning cloth has good water absorption, no chipping, washing resistance, does not contain any chemical or pharmaceutical ingredients, and can be used for household cleaning in addition to dust, perspiration and stains. There are many types of cleaning cloths, and each type of cleaning cloth has its own characteristics. Cleaning cloth is a good helper in our furniture life. It can help us wipe off the ugly dirt. Then we will learn about the cleaning cloth in the appreciation of the cleaning cloth picture! Cleaning cloth type 1 1, multi-purpose cleaning cloth: multi-purpos… more
  Cleaning cloth for kitchen equipment cleaning
The cleaning cloth can be used in the following aspects: 1. After the first installation of the store to the customer, the stainless steel surface is wiped to make the stainless steel of the product brighter and less rust-resistant (currently all European kitchens with stainless steel panels) Electric products are distributed in the accessory kit, the mall is installed after the accessory kit is removed and rubbed on the stainless steel surface); 2, can be used for cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel kitchen appliances in various shopping malls. After use, the products can be used within one or two days. It is not easy to have fingerprints, and the product grade is more upscale; (the mall can sell the accessories to the kitchen sales departm… more
  The difference between the mirror cloth and the glasses cloth
Wipe cloth can be used to wipe glasses and glasses cloth is not allowed. Since the mirror cloth is a special fiber fabric, it has good moisture absorption, no lint, high strength, no damage to the lens coating, and can be reused. If it is dirty, it can be washed with warm water and dried. For the first time, use a mirror cloth. It is recommended to gently clean it with warm water before use. Glasses cloth Many people think it is used to clean lenses, but after years of wearing experience, glasses cloth can not be used to wipe the lens, because such dry rub will wear the protective film of the lens, and will damage the lens over time. When not wearing glasses, put it in the glasses case, and the glasses cloth is like a protective film to protect it… more
  Cleaning anti-fog glasses cloth
The invention discloses a cleaning anti-fog glasses cloth, wherein the invention adopts an anti-fog liquid and is dried in the microfiber glasses cloth, which not only has superior water absorption, wiping force and decontamination force, does not scratch the lens, and is excellent for the spectacle lens. The anti-fog function can be used repeatedly and repeatedly, reducing the waste of anti-fog liquid, low cost, economical and environmentally friendly. At the same time, it is very convenient to operate, carry and store. The transparency of the lens after wiping is very good, without any influence on the line of sight. Traces are not only suitable for anti-fog of glasses, but also for anti-fog and anti-corrosion treatment of valuables such as gold an… more
  The real use of glasses cloth
Most people use glasses to wipe the glasses, but they don't know the real use of the glasses. Although I don’t know if the glasses cloth is designed to wipe the glasses, no matter what kind of glasses cloth will be dusty, rubbing the glasses with it will damage the lens, so its use is generally avoided in the glasses case. The lens and the glasses case are rubbed, and the glasses are rubbed with water or sprayed with a cleaning agent and then wiped with a toilet paper. more
  The material of the glasses cloth itself is also softer than ordinary cloth.
The material of the glasses cloth itself is also softer than ordinary cloth. To sum up, greenhouse gas emissions have four basic characteristics: First, extensiveness. The impact of climate change involves the entire Earth ecosystem on which humans depend for survival and development, jeopardizing the overall interests and security of human society. The second is lag. Climate change is determined by the cumulative emissions of greenhouse gases rather than the emissions themselves. The consequences of human behavior today often do not reflect until decades or even hundreds of years. The third is irreversibility. Once greenhouse gases are emitted, it is difficult to recover the effects of climate change, and once it is generated, it is unlikely to chan… more
  Anti-fog mirror cloth can be used repeatedly
The anti-fog mirror cloth comprises a dry velvet layer, a water-locking fabric layer, an anti-fog solution cavity, a conductive layer, a sustained-release fabric layer and a microfiber layer, wherein the anti-fog solution cavity is a hollow cavity, and the anti-fog solution cavity is a hollow cavity. The mist solution cavity is filled with an antibacterial water absorbing material, and the water absorbing material absorbs a sufficient amount of the antifogging agent, the antifogging solution cavity is wrapped by the water lock fabric layer and the conductive layer, and the water lock fabric layer is combined with the dry fluff layer. The conductive layer is externally pressed and released into the gas permeable layer, and the outer layer of the ultra… more
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