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With the comprehensive popularization of anti-blue-ray lens and the high-end-lenses, how to take care of glasses is becoming a problem facing people wearing glasses daily.Choosing a good way to clean your glasses can not only add the wearing comfort, but can also increase the service life of the glasses. Danyang Hengfa textile co. LTD. and Shanghai textile research institute has launched microfiber lens cloth.

Ordinary super fiber cleaning cloth is made from 36 F materials, while Hengfa microfiber cleaning cloth 48 F materials. Based on the use of 48 F material, and having researched for years , Hengfa opens again each fiber bundle for more subtle micro fiber, microfiber for orange disc shaped cross section by using special science and technology. In this way, a gram of micro fiber has a 220 square meters surface, making the interface of micro fiber and its target bigger, and the space between the micro fiber bigger. It also has better water absorption, and can hold more dirt. As a result, it has perfect cleaning effect.



The product has with a ratio of 8:2 polyester/nylon, making the material extremely soft, thus doing no damage to your glasses.Special printing and dyeing technology make its surface pattern more vivid and more beautiful.

On the basis of the microfiber lens cloth, Hengfa company has increased its investment in the research, and has successfully developed rock anti-fog lens cloth and leisurely ant-istatic super lens cloth.



Yanshi Anti-fog lens cloth:

Micro-fiber in the lens has a surface of evenly added layer, when you wipe the lens, the lens surface forms a uniform layer of hydrophilic molecular layer. When the lens enter the wet and warm environment from the low temperature environment, the lens do not form the mist on the surface of, guaranteeing the lens perspective effect. With just a wipe, you can get as long as 3 days anti-fog effect.




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