The difference between the mirror cloth and the glasses cloth
[ Published:2017/3/30  Read:2521 times  Source:hengfa]

Wipe cloth can be used to wipe glasses and glasses cloth is not allowed.
Since the mirror cloth is a special fiber fabric, it has good moisture absorption, no lint, high strength, no damage to the lens coating, and can be reused. If it is dirty, it can be washed with warm water and dried. For the first time, use a mirror cloth. It is recommended to gently clean it with warm water before use.
Glasses cloth Many people think it is used to clean lenses, but after years of wearing experience, glasses cloth can not be used to wipe the lens, because such dry rub will wear the protective film of the lens, and will damage the lens over time. When not wearing glasses, put it in the glasses case, and the glasses cloth is like a protective film to protect it from frictional collision inside the glasses case. The glasses cloth is not the lens, its role is only to avoid the glasses and glasses box wear!
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