Hengfa Textile


  Since 1997, we have been focusing on the textile industry. We offer a wide range of solutions for microfiber glasses, plush, weft, gloves, warp,
weft-knitted cleaning towels, bath towels, floor tows and various fleece products.
Its textile services are environmentally friendly and are committed to building a green sustainable textile supply chain.



Mission: business philosophy

Taking honest management as the foundation, relying on science and technology as the support, and driving by innovation, creating wealth for customers, creating opportunities for employees and creating value for society.



Committed to becoming a professional service provider in the technology textile industry.



Caring for our customers

Our goal is to create value for our customers in everything we do; we want to take care of our customers, give them the best service and make them proud of working with us. Creating excellent customer experiences lies in the heart of all our operations.


Engaged Employees

We believe that happy employees equals happy customers. We embrace the joy of learning; we continuously develop our leaders and offer new learning opportunities to all our employees. Our goal is that our employees take pride in what they do and that they are empowered to make decisions in their daily work with the customers.


Operational excellence

We focus only on doing things that create value for our customers. By being truly local, we know our customers’ business and help them to work at their full potential by ensuring that they get the service when and where they need it.

Long-term customer relationships

Genuine partnership requires mutual confidence, continuous development of operations and mutual benefit in business. hengfa listens to its customers, anticipates the customer’s needs and offers competitive services.


Enthusiasm and the joy of learning

Good leadership and management, encouraging feedback and training ensure continuous development of hengfa and its personnel. Open, interactive communication generates a good atmosphere for innovations and promotes successful implementation.

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