The microfiber diameter of 0.4 micron is only 1/10 of the silk, and the special wedge-shaped cross section makes it more effective to capture even a few micrometers of dust particles. The effect of decontamination and degreasing is very obvious, so that your mirror surface is good perspective.


  The polyester/nylon ratio of 50:50 makes the material extremely soft and does not cause any damage to the surface of the object to be wiped, even in high-precision fields such as coated lenses and large-scale integrated circuits.



The unique high-density woven structure makes the specific surface of the microfiber cleaning cloth up to 220 square meters, and the vacuuming area is increased several times. The surface of the object can be completely cleaned with a light touch.



Microfiber, excellent capillary effect, fast water absorption and rapid drying become one of its remarkable properties.

High-strength synthetic filaments are not easy to break, and the fibers are not easily peeled off from the clean cloth. There is no pollution in the clean area.


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